Care Guide

A Synthetic Grass Transformation is an investment, and whilst synthethic grass is easy to maintain, it isn't maintenance free. To get the best out of your Synthetic Grass, see the below cleaning / care guide:


Keep Surface Clean

Regularly use a blower, hose, broom and sometimes a vacuum.

Keep Heavy Vehicles Off The Grass
This will affect the base integrity and can twist and burn grass.


Keep Away From Fire Pits and Flames
Keep fire pits and flames away from the synthetic grass area.


Spills and Spoils
Clean up immediately - a household detergent can be used.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Keep chlorine or harsh chemicals off grass. These will burn and singe the grass


Chewing Gum

Keep chewing gum away from the surface. If dropped, try to clean up immediately using dry cleaning fluid or freezing.

Animal Waste

Animal waste can be neutralised with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and equal parts water. a household detergent can be used to assist if any smells occur.

Contact Consolidated Turf Early for Repairs

If any repairs are needed, it is better to fix these early. If not, damage might grow and increase the cost to rectify. Not sure - that's ok, just contact us and we'll let you know the best way forward.

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