New Synthetic Grass Just Landed

As you know, at Consolidated Turfing Pty Ltd, we have sourced the best possible synthetic grasses to work in the Queensland environment and our new products have just landed. Here's their description and photos are coming shortly, but orders are now open. Our new Our products give you options for grass height, as well as look and feel. There are 3 synthetic grasses to choose from, that cover any project perfectly:

The C20 is a 20mm synthetic landscape grass product. With its 4 tone colours, it is a great combination of Lush Green and Weathered Grass looks, making it look amazing all year round.

The C30 is a 30mm synthetic landscape grass product. It is unique and no like anything on the market at present. It has slight variations in colour compared to other products on the market, making it very popular for those looking for something that no-one else has. Looks great in all types of areas.

The C40 is a 40mm synthetic landscape grass product. It is best felt bare footed, as this is a plush gorgeous grass that is very soft, feels great underfoot and looks amazing in any area.

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